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Our Story

Growing up a baking enthusiast, I learned the ropes from my Mom and then later as a product manager with Borden Foods, where I developed my culinary skills and product development knowledge.

Doughlicious came to life after we moved to London and I shared my cookies with friends. They began asking if I could supply them with cookie dough to enjoy having my freshly-baked cookies in their own homes, not just in mine.

I am health conscious but not obsessed. My cookies are always made with quality, natural ingredients but never compromise taste.  I have developed my recipes over many years, and have worked particularly hard to produce gluten-free and vegan cookies that taste just as good as classic recipes.  I challenge you to the taste test.

I am extremely mindful of minimising food waste.  Doughlicious enables us to conveniently bake the exact number and flavours of cookies to enjoy in one setting.

How it works


From our collection of Gluten-free/Vegan/ Traditional cookie dough pick one or several flavours.  If you order six you receive free shipping.


Chilled boxes of Doughlicious will arrive in a beautiful marble coloured box.  Keep refrigerated, bake some immediately or save for dessert.


Oven temperatures may vary, so if 160  Celsius seems too low for your oven, we recommend trying 170 – 175 Celsius.  If you prefer a flatter cookie you can press the balls with the ball of your hand or a spatula prior to baking to enable spreading further.  Personally, we love the thick, gooey taste of a fuller cookie.


Whether you decide to bake just one cookie or the whole pack your home will smell delicious.  We strongly believe on less waste and moderation so bake what you will consume and love it!